My Art and Grammar series is still in progress, but here's what I have so far:
Onomatopoeia is defined as 1) The
formation of a word by imitating the natural
sound associated with the object or action
involved; echoism (ex.: tinkle, buzz,
chickadee, etc.);  2) The use of such words,
as in poetry or rhetoric*.  I drew an alphabet of
onomatopoeia (left), and a collection of animal
nosies using some of Picasso's better known
animals (above).
An interjection is defined as "an
exclamation thrown in without
grammatical connection (Ex. ah! ouch!
well!)"*.  For this poster, I drew an
alphabet of interjections uttered by
famous comic strip or cartoon characters.
 I can't print or sell this one because of the

licensing issues, but it was fun to do
 Here is a list of the characters.
* Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition
Art and Grammar
Abstract Nouns
An abstract noun is a "noun that denotes
an idea, emotion, feeling, quality, or other
abstract or intangible concept"**.  This
poster was especially fun for me because
by definition I should not have been able
to illustrate it.  My favorite squares are
anarchy, curiosity, and deception.
** Wiktionary