ONE: "You shall have no other
gods before me."
TWO: "You shall not
make for yourself an idol,
whether in the form of
anything that is in heaven
above, or that is on the
earth beneath, or that is
in the water under the
THREE: "You shall not
make wrongful use of the
name of the LORD your
God, for the LORD will
not acquit anyone who
misuses his name."
FOUR: "Remember the
sabbath day, and keep it
FIVE: "Honor your father and
your mother."
SIX: "You shall not
SEVEN: "You shall not
commit adultery."
NINE: "You shall not bear
false witness against your
EIGHT: "You shall not steal."
TEN: "You shall not covet
your neighbor's house; you
shall not covet your
neighbor's wife, or male or
female slave, or ox, or
donkey, or anything that
belongs to your neighbor."
Ten Commandments
I illustrated the Ten Commandments
in the style of road sign pictograms.  
here for the YouTube slideshow.