I drew each letter of the alphabet in the style of a famous artist whose last name begins with the corresponding letter.  The artists are
as follows:

A - Arcimboldo, Giuseppe - This is the artist who painted surprisingly realistic portraits composed entirely of fruits and vegetables.  I
drew an A composed of vegetables and parsley, and then cooked the vegetables into a quite passable curry.  It was a good day all

B - Botero, Fernando – Botero painted everything deliciously large.  I drew an oversized B with pinpoint centers, much like Botero's
still lifes.

C - Calder, Alexander – Calder’s fish mobiles do rather resemble the letter C.  This one wasn’t much of a stretch.

D – Dali, Salvador – A misshapen D supported by crutches, complete with the desert sky background.

E – Escher, M.C. – Interlocking Es evolving into three dimensional cubes, much like Escher’s Metamorphosis works.

F - Frankenthaler, Helen - This is the mirror image of her Mary, Mary, which quite fortuitously resembles an abstract expressionist F.

G - Gorey, Edward – Edward Gorey is my absolute favorite artist.  This G is a tribute to him.

H - Haring, Keith – A radiant H, complete with squiggles.

I - Indiana, Robert – This pop-artist is probably best known for his LOVE, numbers, and American Dream sequences.

J - Johns, Jasper – I call this one Three Js.  I superimposed three differently sized Js on top of one another, much like original Three

K - Klee, Paul -- I drew the K in his style and used a detail of Jewels (1937, pastel on cotton) for the background.

L – Lichtenstein, Roy – Lichtenstein painted everything comic-book style.  I filled the L with his signature Ben-Day dots.

M – Matisse, Henri - I fashioned the M in the style of his cut-outs.

N - Nauman, Bruce - I used a neon N here, like his flashing signs.

O - O'Keeffe, Georgia – A distinctively O’Keefe flower which forms the letter O.

P – Picasso, Pablo – The letter P actually lends itself quite nicely to Picasso’s Cubist style.  

Q - Quinones, Lee - A New York graffiti artist., also known for his movie Wild Style (1982).  Wild Style in fact stars Mr. Quinones, and
features Old School artists Grandmaster Flash, Cold Crush Brothers, Fab 5 Freddy and Busy Bee!  

R – Rothko, Mark - I cheated a bit here and made the R a watermark on Rothko's standard composition.

S – Seurat, Georges  - An S composed entirely of dots.  (This one took considerably longer than I thought it would.  Next time I will do
John Singer Sargent instead.)

T – Tiffany, Louis Comfort – A stained-glass T surrounded by grapes.

U - Uecker, Gunther - The German nail driving artist/sculptor.

V - Van Gogh - I think Van Gogh may technically be a G, but I used it for V anyway.

W - Warhol - True to form, I had a young intern do this one for me in exchange for the rare privilege of hanging out at my apartment
all day.  (Not really - I am not nearly cool enough to pull that one off.)

X - Xu Beihong - A Chinese brush painter, best known for his horses.  I drew one of his horses, and then drew Xs down the side
where he would normally paint calligraphy.  Xu Beihong was included in the Guggenheim’s China exhibit.

Y - Yunkers, Adja - A Russian/American abstract expressionist.  I actually found this artist by looking under "Y" on the Artcyclopedia
site.  However, Yunkers did apparently have works displayed at both the Guggenheim and the Whitney.  

Z - Zhao Shou -   You mean you've never heard of Zhao Shou?  This artist was also part of the Guggenheim’s China exhibit.  I used a
painting he did called Let's Jump, and rearranged the tinker-toy looking objects into a Z.

That’s all.

About the Letters...