Megan, Deborah, & Devon
The Poster Team

In February 2005 Deborah celebrated a successful year with the poster team!
L - R: Bob Groppe (Deborah's husband, direct sales representative), a confused Devon, a
very excited
Megan, Deborah Grumet, Greg Balet (webmaster, direct sales, consultant).
Deborah Grumet lives in Queens, NY, with her husband and two daughters.  After getting her
MPA from NYU, she worked professionally as a budget analyst for the City of New York and the
Guggenheim Museum.  However, she has also pursued literary and artistic expression from a
young age. Over time she authored and illustrated five children’s books, which she printed and
distributed to close friends and family.
After the birth of her first child Megan, Deborah decided to create an alphabet poster for her
daughter as a gift. Encouraging family and friends prompted Deborah to reproduce the poster
to share with a larger audience of like-minded parents, curious children and art lovers of all
ages. The “ABC’s of ART” poster was born.

In 2004 Deborah's family welcomed the arrival of Devon. Although keeping up with Megan and
Devon is Deborah’s full time job, she still is at work on new drawing and illustration projects.
Meet the Artist...Deborah Grumet