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All illustrations in the powerpoint presentations and videos were created by Joy Marlowe at the Rubin Institute for Advanced
Limb Length Discrepancy
         Biology of Limb Lengthening video presentation
       Treatment Methods
         Limb Lengthening Methods video presentation

Congenital Lower Limb Problems
       Congenital Femoral Deficiency
       Lengthening Reconstruction Surgery for Congenital Femoral Deficiency PDF
       Congenital Femoral Deficiency video presentation
       Fibular Hemimelia
         Fibular Hemimelia: lengthening reconstruction surgery video presentation
       Tibial Hemimelia
       Congenital Pseudarthrosis
       Posteromedial Bowing of Tibia

Congenital Upper Limb Problems
       Radial Club Hand and TAR Syndrome                    
       Ulnar Club Hand and Ulnar Dysplasia
       Madelung’s Deformity
       Absent Thumb
         Lengthening and Deformity Correction in the Upper Extremities PDF (55 pages)

Other Pediatric Lower Limb Length and Deformity Problems (Developmental)
       Neonatal Sepsis
       Post-traumatic Growth Arrest
       Blount’s Disease
       Perthes' Disease written information
       Perthes: Hip Distraction Treatment video presentation

Other Pediatric Upper Limb Length Discrepancy and Deformity
       Growth arrest
       Neonatal Sepsis

Tumor-like conditions
       Ollier’s Disease
       Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (Osteochondromas)
       More information concerning MHE check the MHE Research Foundation website
       Fibrous Dysplasia

Dwarfism and Skeletal Dysplasias
       Achondroplasia and Hypochondroplasia
       PALEY Methods for Extensive Limb Lengthening for Achondroplasia video presentation
         Methods and Strategies in Limb Lengthening and Realignment for Skeletal Dysplasia (18 pages)
         Within Rachael's Reach by Esther Whitehead PDF (A story poem)
       Sponylo-epiphyseal Dysplasia
       Diastrophic Dwarfism

Foot Deformities
       Rocker-bottom Foot
         Principles of Foot Deformity Correction: Ilizarov Technique PDF (39 pages)
       Other foot deformities

Post-traumatic Deformities

Joint Preservation Treatment to treat or prevent arthritis
       Principles of Correction for Monocompartmental Arthritis of the Knee PDF (25 pages)

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