Scraps I'm A Little Bit A Bad  STDs " Bit"
"Hitch" runnin' with his dad "Too"
Beaugeste Hitchna Ride 2 Scraps  "Hitch"
Dr Dena McGowan
Photo taken 1989
Bartleys Wandrin Zeeb SchHIII,IPOIII,WH,CDX,TD,STDcd,Brevet
Scraps of Blue SchHIII,WH,CD,STDc    
Scraps Blue Mountian Sassafras SchHIII,WH,B,CD
Scraps Rusty Lugar SchHIII,IPOIII,WH,CD
Scraps Rowdy re-Pete  SchHIII,IPOIII,WH,CDX,TD,STDcsd
"Stomp" has 5 points including 1 major towards his ASCA CH
he is co-owned with Debbie Reneau of Beau Geste Kennels

OFA Good Hips Elbows clear  Eyes checked clear

Scraps Sway'd By Tha Blues BH "Buddy"
recieved His BH and is working towards his IPOI

OFA Good Hips Elbows normal Eyes checked clear
    Scraps Sway'd To Tha Bad Side BH
          "Snitch"   recieved her BH

OFA Good Hips Elbows normalEyes checked clear
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             CH Scraps Cover Your Assets
OFA Good Hips Elbows normal Eyes checked clear
 Thanks Donna Doubler at Slydrock Aussies for allowing us
                  to have the oppurtunity to have Booty back.                                    

She is now Co-owned with Jade Reneau from Beau geste Aussies
and will be shown in Juniors and as a Special! Good Luck Jade and Booty
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                 Scraps Crack Snapple Pop  "Poppi"
   OFA Good Normal, Elbows, Eyes checked Clear 03/15
                                Our New Addition !!
 Scraps I'm Too 2 Bad "Sniper"