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I recently had the occasion to sell a property in Brantford, Ontario. As I reside in Alberta I was not certain how to proceed. Shirley's business card was amongst some papers and not knowing what to expect; called. I had no need for concern after our initial contact. I found Shirley's knowledge of the market and strength of character to be above the norm. Shirley's support and guidance and her resourceful information eased the potential difficulties that arose during the sale. I have in the past purchased and sold property and I can honestly recommend Shirley as having superior commitment, integrity and knowledge in the real estate market. Her straightforward, honest approach is very welcome and I wish she lived in Alberta! Thanks Shirley! Sincerely, I.C.

Shirley, We just love our new home! Thanks so much for your patience and guidance in finding our new home. We appreciated your honesty and that you never made us feel rushed with our decision. We highly recommend you to our friends. ~B.H.

Shirley really listened to what we required in a home. From there her knowledge and enthusiasm made the process fun and relaxing. ~J.A.

"I considered selling my home during a low market value season. You advised me not to, despite loosing a listing, at that time. Years later, I listed with you and sold the property at a much higher profit. Your guidance to improve the property's staging was of great value. You are a very experienced and knowledgeable Agent, but your integrity and honesty are your most valuable attributes!"~I.A. "We have enjoyed dealing with you and will definitely call on you again should we decide to move. As you remember, when we bought our first home there were several problems during the building phase and you were there to help us every step of the way. You are very personable and we could tell you really cared about our family." ~N.E. You are my realtor of choice. You presented a relaxed and enthusiastic manner but very professional atmosphere. ~J.D.

Shirley kept control of the situation during the selling of our Mother's home. We (my siblings and myself) realized by times our emotions got the best of us. Shirley understood and with great patience she guided us through the process. Thanks again. ~P

Shirley did the job we hired her to do without questioning what happened. She treated us both with respect and understanding. Her honesty and general conduct exceeded our expectations of a real estate agent. Yes, we highly recommend Shirley as a trusted estate agent. ~S.

Our excitement holds no bounds! We love our new home! Thanks for taking the time to help us understand the process and all the real estate jargon. Thanks for not being angry when we discovered we didn't really know what type of house we wanted. You took the time to show us a super collection and finally we found the perfect house. Remember, we stepped through the door and knew instantly that we had found our home! You answered all of our one thousand and one questions and made the whole experience of house shopping a rewarding one. Shirley, you are definitely our real estate agent of choice. ~L.C.

A few months after my husband passed away I thought I would never be happy again. I thought selling our home would help. Through her wise counselling I decided to postpone moving for one year. The year has come and gone and yes I will eventually sell my home when I am ready. Shirley helped me to see I was trying to run away from the pain and loneliness I was feeling. Now I have a realistic idea of what I want out of life and I am glad for all her help. I highly recommend Shirley to all my family and friends. Shirley will be my real estate agent when I finally do sell my home. ~A. If someone asks to recommend a real estate agent for trustworthiness and high integrity, I always say - Shirley Lawrence! ~M.T.