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Byslaw, powiat of Tuchola

Parish of the Wysoka and Byslaw Suchomskis

Transfiguration church in Byslaw [26 Sep 1996]

"German Gross-Bislaw, a village and manor farm in Tuchola county; with a post office, Catholic parish, and school; it is situated 14 km. [9 mi.] southeast of Tuchola, the county seat. It has 8189 morgs [5167 acres] of open area, of which the manor farm has 438 hectares [1095 acres]; There are 98 houses, 994 inhabitants; 798 are Catholics. It is well known for its limestone deposits, which they calcine on the manor to produce lime; and it is also known for its dairy products and dairy cattle breeding. Byslaw is situated on Byslawskie Lake opposite from the settlement of Teolog. After 1850, Cicchocinek polski [Cekcyn] became a branch of Byslaw parish."

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 1, p. 506.