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Gostycyn, powiat of Tuchola
The "nest" of the Mysliñskis

"Also called Gostyczyn, German Liebenau, a village and parish seat in Tuchola county, midway on the Tuchola-Sepolno Krajeñskie road....on the Kamionka river. It comprises 10335 morgs [6511 acres], 278 buildings, 111 occupied houses, 792 Catholics and 142 Protestants. There is a parish [church] and school. The post office is in Kamieñ (Camnitz).

"....In 1382, Henryk v. Bullendorf, count of Tuchola, wrote that his predecessor, Baldwin v. Vrandichowen had bought the forest between the Kamienica (now the river Kamionka) and the Brda river; and gave 7 morgs [4 acres] of land and meadows [to form] the Gostycyn countryside. It had everything to raise cattle on the pastures.

"By 1570, it was 80 wloki [200 acres] in area: the pastor had 4 [10 acres]; 2 [5 acres] were vacant; the village tenant and innkeeper, Jerzy Zaliñski had 2; the craftsman had 1; and the farmers had 9 [23 acres]....

"....In 1766, Jakób Lipiñski, the local notary, led the building of a new wooden church in that year Catholics numbered 301, Protestants, 11....

"At the present time....Gostycyn parish, in the deanery of Tuchola, has 949 parishoners, and its church is St. Martin's, patron saint of the [Polish] kings. It is not known when it was founded. The present structure was built in 1819. Villages in the parish are: Gostyczyn, Przyrowa, Karczewo and the Kamienicki mill. The Catholic school in Gostycyn has 120 children; in Przyrowa, 53. [by] Father F. [Romuald Frydrychowicz]."

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 2, pp. 746-7 (excerpts)