Map of Ancestral Villages
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Jastrzebie, powiat of Swiecie

The "nest" of the Topoliñskis

"Formerly Jastrzembie, in the days of the Teutonic Knights, Jestersheym; in 1874, Falkenhorst, in Swiecie county. Together with the Brzeczek mill, it comprises an area of 3983 morgs [2513 acres], 22 buildings, 14 houses; with 114 Catholics and 36 Protestants. It is a part of Drzycim parish, the elementary school is in Lniano, and the post office is in Brunstplatz. Jastrzebie was founded in 1360 under the name Jestersheim. It was a peasant village in the days of the Teutonic Knights, where we read in their chronicles: 'Jesdersheym (Jastschembie) hat 30 huben, davon hat der scholcze 3 frey, von den andern czinsen sie von itizlicher huben 1/2 margk und 2 huner uff Martini. Das ist mittenanderwuste.'" [Translation of the German is forthcoming].

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 3, p. 503.