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Wetfie, powiat of Swiecie

Birthplace of John Suchomski's mother, Franciszka Topoliñska

"Also called Wetwie, German Wentfin, in documents from 1400 known as Wandfin, in 1415 Wantfyn, 1565 Wantphia, 1619 Wetphie, 1789 Wendtfin, a village in Swiecie county. The post office is in Lniano; the Catholic parish and school is in Drzycim; it is 872 hectares [2180 acres] in area (600 [1500 acres] in cultivation, 88 [220 acres] of meadowlands, and 45 [1125 acres] of forest); In 1885 it had 60 houses, 80 hearths, and 435 inhabitants of which 375 were Catholics, 57 were Protestants and 3 were Jews.

"In the Teutonic chronicles, one reads: 'Wantfyn village has 49 serfs, of which the village head owns 4 free [exempt from the corvée or feudal dues]; for the rest they pay one-half grosz and 2 hens to him on St. Martin's Day [November 11]; but of the renters only 6 are settled [craftsmen?]....'

"....In 1773, the village contained 40 wloki [1440 acres], 31 hearths and 136 Catholic inhabitants; among them 2 village headmen, 2 plowmen and 19 sharecroppers[?], besides 1 craftsman. Livestock [counted]: 47 horses, 49 steers, 42 cows, 32 heifers, 66 sheep and 20 swine...."

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 13, p. 263 (excerpts)