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Zdroje, powiat of Swiecie

Home of Mateusz Suchomski (1695-1745?), a possible ancestor; and burial place for numerous Suchomskis

The cemetery in Zdroje [26 Sep 1996]

"German Sdroyen, a village above the Matawa river in Swiecie county, its post office in Louisenthal, a part of the Catholic parish of Sliwice, with an elementary school; it covers 371 hectares [928 acres] (270 hectares [675 acres] in cultivation, 42 [105 acres] of meadowlands, 2 [5 acres] of forest). Together with Gajdówko (3 houses, 25 inhabitants), there numbered here in 1885: 41 houses, 55 hearths and 274 inhabitants, of which 246 were Catholics, 21 were Protestants and 7 were Jews. There were 5 hearths and 36 Catholic inhabitants here in 1773."

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 14, p. 544.

The grave of Maciej Suchomski (1844-1933), a probable descendant of Mateusz Suchomski (1695-1745?), in the Zdroje cemetery [26 Sep 1996]