"Taking the fear out of career search..."

Individual career search training
Teaching individual job seekers a structured,
project management approach to career search.  If
what your job search is lacking is a plan and a kick
in the rear, you've come to the right place.  As one
of the most experienced one on one advisors in
the area (more than 250 clients), I teach you the
step by step plan and hold you on task.

Don't ask me if it works...talk directly to my clients!
We will provide you an opportunity to talk with past
clients about their experience and success.

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Career search seminars for college or high schools
One hour seminars to 4 hour workshops and
career search curriculum.  A structured job search
plan that students can begin using the next day!  
Coach Inc provides the defined path and
motivation to get students focused and fired up
about putting their passion to work .
"If your college or university is
looking for better ways to
connect with future graduates
about how to approach career
hunting, I highly recommend
you consider bringing Chris to
your campus.  His passion
about the subject is evident in
his every word.  His
enthusiasm energizes students
and provides confidence to
confront the world head on."

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UW Madison
Coach Inc.
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Appleton, Wisconsin
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