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Lubiewo, powiat of Swiecie

Birthplace of John Suchomski's wife, Hedwig Mysliñski (1855-1925)

View of Lubiewo from the northeast [26 Sep 1996]

"A peasant village and parish seat in Swiecie county, near the border of Tuchola county, in a forested district. It comprises an area of 6933 morgs [4375 acres] with 350 buildings and 147 houses, in which live 882 Catholics and 88 Protestants. There is a Catholic parish church and elementary school. The post office is in Byslaw.

"In former times, there were old pagan cemeteries here; in the northern hamlets there can still be found traces of them at higher ground near the small swamps. Over the years homesteaders have found several graves, from which they have brought out remains, but then they have ruined them through inexpert handling....

"....Around the year 1344, Ludolf, a knight of the Teutonic Order, was bequeathed property from the archbishop of Gniezno, Jaroslaw, in perpetuity; which [property] this bishop left him in thanksgiving. At the same time, Ludolf was also given by right a great number of vassals from this country. He then had obligations to equip his serf hamlets against invasion and to fortify his town. From then on this village came under the religious jurisdiction of the archbishop of Gniezno, until the Prussian occupation....

"....By at least 1570, when the Tuchola written sources became reliable, in Lubiewo village there were: 40 peasants, of which the pastor owned 2; 20 were idle; 8 only planted during the year; Andrzej Lukocki, sub-prefect of Kamieñ, had 2 [of these]; and 10 were settled [craftsmen]....

St. Nicholas church in Lubiewo [26 Sep 1996]

"....Lubiewo parish, in the deanery of Swiecie, numbers 2600 strong.; the church, under the title of St. Nicholas, the patron saint in former times of the archbishops of Gniezno, was rebuilt in 1841 [over the church door it states 1861]....The pastor is Jan Reymann. The villages in the parish are: Lubiewo, Sucha, Kozlinki, Lubowo, Klonowo, Trutnowo, Brückenau, Zamrza and the mill. Catholic schools: in Lubiewo, there are 186 children; in Sucha, 115; in Klonowo, 80; 28 Catholic children attend the Protestant school in Lubowo, to which a teacher from Lubiewo goes to give religious instruction...."

Slownik Geograficzny, Vol. 5, p. 413 (excerpts)

The webmaster, Jim Summers (left), and Teresa Suchomska, a descendant of Maciej Suchomski (1844-1933), in the Lubiewo elementary school [26 Sep 1996]