Custom Cabinetry
Attic Renovation into Master Suite Custom Detailing and Cabintery Throughout Arlington, VA
This set of attic stairs landing in the front entryway of this house became the focal point of the conversion of their attic into a master suite. Upon stepping into the house, you were faced with a door hiding the satirs leading up to an unfinished attic. In order to modernize the entryway and make it feel open, as well as draw the guests' curiousity up into the newly designed space, we crafted these details to adorn the stairwell and entryway to it.  Eliminating the door and lifting the trim up to ceiling height revealed a pine staircase that looked as old as the house.  We retrofitted the existing stair structure with new oak treads and risers and then cut plate glass viewports into the stairwell to eliminate the tunnel effect of the narrow stairs. RRS handcrafted and custom-fit every piece of this detail to match the designer's specifications.
The stairs were opened above by building bookcases around the top of the stairs to provide library ladder type access for decoration of this space. A glass guardrail protects the other side, allowing natural sunlight from the window opposite it to flood down the stairs.
Click here to see an oversized picture of the stairway details from above!